Messages of Love and Light from the Humpback Whales

These are messages I received from the humpback whales in September of 2008… and the messages are even more important today, so I am sharing them now:

I am blessed to live in the area with the longest season of humpback whales in the world. This is because we get migrations from both North and South America, giving us almost year round humpbacks. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to live for me, I am truly, truly blessed! For me, the whales are “gatekeepers” and masters of the Akashic records and great beings of light. They pass news around to the other whales of the world with their songs. They keep tabs on what is going on on the planet and hold sacred energies for us all. They embody love and wellbeing. They are master teachers.

About a week ago I was guiding a whale tour. We usually see humpbacks spread all around the bay and the island, two here, one there, three over there. But on this day, all the humpbacks where in the same area, around twenty of them together. In eleven years here, I have never seen anything like that before. I felt as if I was witnessing some kind of “whale conference”.

I asked them what they were doing. They told me “We are shoring up the energetic and magnetic grid lines of the earth.”

“Oh, is that all?” I said jokingly. “All in a days work for the whales!!”

“We are strengthening the energetic lines for a magnetic shift of the earth’s axis which has already begun, and for many earth changes coming. And we are also holding the energy of love for the planet. We must hold the energy, now more than ever. We are working together to strengthen the vibration of love and well being here. Many things are happening on many dimensional levels, a great shift as has never happened before, and the energy and vibration of love must be sent out in continual waves. We are doing this inter-dimensionally and also through our songs.”

Wow, what a Conference!! And what a blessing to be able to witness it! I wanted to ask more, but I had very talkative and questioning guests on the boat and I didn’t have much time to connect and commune in my own way with them on this day. But I wasn’t done with my questions.

A few days later, I was out on the water again and had a chance to ask about the shifts that are happening and if they could give me some advice on what to do. Here’s what they told me.

“Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice!!!! You, Sierra, and many of your close friends, are the gatekeepers for this time of awakening. You volunteered a long time ago for this. You came forth in joy, in fact you ran to the front of the line, to be a part of this great shift and awakening that is happening. You will be the ones responsible, along with light beings from other dimensions, for holding the energy and vibration of love, and guiding others through the gates of the higher vibrations of love and light coming through now. You must stay clear and centered in these times, now more than ever. We have seen the shifts you have made lately towards this. It is no longer “practice time”, this is the real thing. This is the time we have all been waiting and preparing for. This is your mission, the one you have known about since you very young in this lifetime. All that we have all been waiting for is here now.
“Humans like to speak of a “veil” but there is no “veil” so to speak, lifting. It is simply a difference in vibration, a higher frequency that many of you are experiencing. The different dimensions all exist in the same place at the same time; only the vibrational frequency is different. There will exist two worlds, both going on at the same time and space as you know it, but those in the higher vibration of love and light will have a totally different experience than those who are not.”

This reminds me of a story a friend sent to me the other day:

My personal feeling on “ascension” has to do with the vibratory state being such that we are living in the same time/space reality, with many of the same components as everyone else, but our experience of it is entirely different. So say, where some are experiencing bank failures, gas shortages, government scandals, — others are having an entirely different experience.
It is like something St. Germain explained to me when I asked him about the following experience:—I was very happy and thrilled to be going off to a new job assignment that I was eager to do. I was going by a route that I knew was usually congested. I wanted to be there on time and happy, and I was feeling really good. Well, everywhere I went, I was the only or one of just 2 cars in sight. If you know Atlanta, you would know how astounding this was! So I said to him, “Where were all the other cars?” He said, “Beloved Master, THEY were THERE, but YOU were not vibrating on the same frequency as they were, so you did not experience them.”
“I did that??????”

The whales continue: “There will be what you call “contrast” in the world. All great expansion comes out of the contrast. There has to be a shakeup, especially as those supposedly in power fight their last fight. But those who stay in the vibration of love and light will not experience it on the same level as others. There will be turmoil and upheaval for some, but not for others.
“You and your gatekeeper friends, Sierra, are to help guide others through the gates of love, light and awakening. You are to help us hold that vibration and shine the light for others to find their way through. HOLD THE ENERGY, HOLD THE ENERGY, HOLD THE ENERGY!! STAY IN LOVE, STAY IN LOVE, STAY IN LOVE!!! SHINE THE LIGHT, SHINE THE LIGHT, SHINE THE LIGHT! REJOICE!! REJOICE!! REJOICE!! There is nothing more important that you can do now.”

“Is there any advice you can give to me personally to help me hold the energy?” I asked.

“Yes. Drink lots and lots of water. Stay clear, aware and open. Continue eating whole foods to keep your head clear and body clean, this will keep the clear channel going that you have. Exercise, walk, meditate. Keep as light and natural as possible; this will help facilitate the higher vibration in you.

“What about current events?” I ask them. “I ignore them for the most part except what my friends tell me here and there, but I do know things are pretty crazy in the States and around the world.”

“We say let in as much as you need to know to be able to help others and nothing more. It will be impossible to completely close out all that is happening, and really there is no reason to because you will still be able to hold your high love vibration, knowing that it is all part of the awakening, part of the contrast that will lead to the light and awakening. Having some knowledge of what is going on will help you to help others, just don’t get pulled in and lost in it, but we do not fear that for you, dear one. Use your best judgment and intuition and let in only what you need to know as a gatekeeper of the light.”

“Is there anything else you want me to pass along?”

“It is the time to return to love and harmonic balance on this planet. Follow your guidance. Those that are connected will be led to be where they should be to be safe and secure. There is nothing to fear unless you fall into the trap of fear. There is no time more important than now to listen to and trust your inner guidance. All light beings are working overtime now to get messages and signs through to those that are listening. LISTEN AND TRUST. Know that all is truly well, that through the perceived dark comes the light. Stay centered and focused. Now is NOT the time to check out. Stay aware and open. BE love, BE light. Rejoice in the awakening, for it is what you came here for. We love you.”

With much LOVE and LIGHT

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