Tour Log – June 18, 2015

What an amazing Divine Dolphin tour we had today!! We had six lovely guests, plus our Marine Biologist, Esteban, our wonderful new volunteer, Paloma, and of course me, Sierra, as the guide.


Our Human Pod

First we came upon several mixed pods of our Homeboys, the Pantropical Spotted Dolphins, and a group of very playful juveniles zig-zagged in front of our boat.

We traveled on and came upon an even bigger pod of our Homeboys, 100’s of them!

After spending time with them, we continued towards the island and saw some splashes… and were delighted to come upon an HUGE Fin Whale, who was very friendly and stayed around us for over an hour, even circling our boat, until we finally left for lunch.


After lunch, we went for a swim and were surprised by two curious Bottlenose Dolphins who came over to check us out. We were not dolphin watching, we were the subjects of “human watching” by the dolphins!

A Great time was had by all!!

Join us!

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